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Florida Vacations - The Best of Florida Vacations

When someone says Florida vacations people automatically think of Orlando Florida and Disney World. There is more to Florida than just Orlando and Disney. We do not want to negate the attraction of Orlando and Disney for those seeking Florida vacations. However, we want to expose more of the beautiful state of Florida.

Orlando Area

Let's talk about the Orlando area first and give an overview of that aspect of Florida vacations. The Orlando-Kissimmee area is the third largest metropolitan area in the United States. It is by far the most popular destination for Florida vacations.

The theme parks are the big draw. The Disney World theme parks are all grouped together as the Magic Kingdom. It consists of Main Street USA, Mickey's Toontown Fair, Frontier Land and Adventure Island. These make up the Disney World experience. There are many individual places and things of interest within each like Cinderella's Castle, Tom Sawyer's Island, The Log Flume and the spectroMagic Parade, which features the night parade and fireworks. Florida vacations are not complete without that spectacular ingredient.

Universal Studios is of course also in Orlando. What would Florida vacations be without Universal Studios. This offers many behind the scenes information and focuses on how Universal Studios creates the marvelous movies they do.

Did you know that Seaworld is also in Orlando? Florida vacations typically also include Seaworld. This is an exciting theme park that focuses on the water animals but also has a few land animals also. There are some rides also, like Disney World's Magic Kingdom but there does seem to be more of a focus on the animals.

The Holy Land Experience is a theme park in the Orlando area. This park is a replica of the Holy Land, specifically Jerusalem. This is more of an educational park, some rides are being developed for the children but the park allows the visitors to experience what it would be like to walk the streets of Jerusalem. There are shows to educate and entertain throughout the park. There are shops and eateries within the park. The Tabernacle has shows that reenact the activities of the high priests in the Old Testament. It is like taking a time machine back to another era. Scriptorium Center is the scholarly part of this park. It contains important ancient biblical manuscripts. This park was purchased by CTN in 2008, which has given them added revenue to expand the park. This would add to Florida vacations and give unique memories.

Florida vacations also could include Cypress Gardens. This has been redone in the last few years and has some new additions. This park offers a lot of nature and even an animal area where animals can be seen in their natural habitat. There is also shopping and eateries. The water-ski shows still remain, which is what made them famous for Florida vacations. The amphitheater for concerts and the water park shows holds 13,000 people.

Cruise Down the River or Hike Trails and Other Attractions

Florida vacations would not be complete without taking a cruise down one of the many hundreds of rivers found in Florida. Seminole County is known for it's many rivers, on popular one is St Johns River. That is actually the longest river in Florida. Also there are many wilderness trails to ride bikes, hike, do some bird watching or study natural wildlife and you might catch a glimpse of an alligator or turtle or two. The best way to see wildlife is to rent a canoe or kayak to take a trip into the wild.

There is a Big Tree Park which feature a Bald cypress tree that has been names "The Senator' that is over 3,500 years old. Florida vacations can be unlike any other. It has been said that Seminole county offers the other things to do in Orlando area.

It just doesn't get any more peaceful than that for Florida vacations that offer relaxation and give you lasting memories.

Mt Dora is about 30 minutes from Orlando. It is a quaint village famous for antique shops, tearooms and art festivals and art fairs. This town is impressively Victorian. The homes still have that architectural detail. You can check with the Chamber of Commerce in Mt Dora for upcoming events. This would be a great addition to Florida vacations.

The Beaches

OK we cannot leave you without mentioning the pristine beaches Florida has to offer. From Clearwater Beach on the West Coast to Ft Lauderdale Beach north to Daytona Beach on the East Coast, the coastline of Florida has a lot to offer. Florida vacations would not be complete without at least one visit to the sandy Florida beach.

Florida vacations can be anything from visiting a mammoth tree that is 3,500 years, sunbathing on Clearwater Beach to hugging Mickey Mouse at Disney. Florida vacations can be truly anything you want them to be. Florida has it all.


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